Chairman’s Message

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Dr Ravi Pillai (Chairman's & CEO)

Chairman's Message

Our most valuable clients,Strength is perceived in terms of size, endurance and success. We have also added a fourth dimension to it, which is social responsiveness and we are very proud of our accomplishments in all these spheres. Founded in the late 70s we have branched and blossomed into a multidivisional, multidimensional corporate entity with twenty companies in its fold.

We have been associated with the GCC region from its early formative years and are proud to be an integral part of its phenomenal growth and progress. The GCC economy has been developing at a faster rate than anywhere else in the world thanks to its natural resources, political stability and visionary leadership and no one can gainsay the role of Indian manpower in shaping up the region’s glorious present. We had rightly chosen Industrial Construction as our mainstay activity area in the beginning, these being the fundamental realms of nation building. Backed by the experience and success in this core sphere we have meaningfully ventured into other vital sectors such as tourism, healthcare and education. 

We are also focusing on hospitality and retail sectors in India, considering the huge infrastructure needs of the country in these areas and envisioning its significant impact on wellbeing of the people and community development. The RP foundation is an integral component of our group structure and has made major inroads into humanitarian activities and social causes of national significance. We strongly believe in giving back to the world all the good it has offered us and will continue growing and serving the global community in the best way possible. 

Further pages will give you a vivid picture about our prominent role in various business sectors and a saga of our success in achieving our objectives. RP Group attributes its success to its fundamental philosophy of providing high quality services within a budget and delivering the project or task within the stipulated time frame while still maintaining the highest degree of safety and quality in all our endeavors. 

I would like to sincerely thank you for sparing your valuable time to go through the data and information about RP Group.